Where to get LAN Ethernet Port?

Where to geht a Ethernet LAN Port?

kasynparts have ps5 ps4 conosle ethernet ports

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Don’t try put ps4 Lan port on pS5 board, or you risk to rip all pads off anytime when ethernet cable swing.
This ps5 came in for lan port repair and turned out some genius already put ps4 lan port on and 5/8 pads ripped off due to the inner dimension difference from two generation PlayStation,which leads to ps4 lan port shorter and smaller than pS5’s lan port. The lack of sitting on the edge makes smd lead pins easily lift up and tear off the pads.

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was thinking baout this. thx

I actually saw original EDM-020/CUH-11xx board uses PS4 type LAN port by default. However from my picture above it’s clear that the black plastic housing is smaller than PS5/new type, especially those board edge holding arms on left and right edge sides as well as bottom pin side.
Again, PS4/old type LAN port works on PS5 yet won’t last/hold sturdy when accident/twisting occurred, just like most common HDMI port failure.