White Light - No Video

Having a issue with a PS4 Pro that maybe someone can shed some light on and maybe point me in the right direction. I have a PS4 Pro that is displaying a solid white light but is not outputting any video. I have changed the HDMI port and verified the port is good all the pins that should grounded are reading properly, I have also replaced the Panasonic HDMI IC thinking this might have also been an issue. But without a datasheet it is hard to determine that the new chip is bad, but I believe it is good as it was a new chip. I checked all the caps around the IC and the HDMI port on both sides of the board and all seems to be correct none are shorting to ground… Does anyone have or know of if there is a listing of all the pins on the HDMI IC readings on diode mode as that might yield some more info. But other than that I am kind of at a loss on this one. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts?

same Here, I replaced IC chip but no video on tv. have you resolved that problem?