Will a 19v laptop charger fry the PD chip?

Came home to a Switch Oled that wont respond or charge. 1st thought was a bad USB-C port, but then I found out someone tried plugging it into a 19v laptop charger. Am I looking at just the M92T36 if that’s the case?

A possible problem with not genuine Nintendo charger could be that the voltage on the cc1 and cc2 lines could be higher and above the max which the m92t36 can handle. In those cases m92t36 will die over time due to the overvoltage on the cc lines.

It is not a problem from the charging voltage itself, because the supplied voltage level is switched at the charger due to request from the m92t36.

Yeah, AFAIK that particular charger was only used possibly once or twice, and upon inspection, the charger itself does have multiple charge profiles from 5v to 20v, however Im not certain what the “handshake” voltage is. I went ahead and ordered a new port as well as the charge chip

Additional Info: When placed on the dock the light blinks a single time as it’s placed on and then stays off. Also, when the console is plugged directly and the power button is depressed, you can hear a faint oscillating electronic noise coming from either the console or maybe the speakers? This seems to me that it is definitely a charge circuit issue.