Will Not Auto Feed Disc - But drive works otherwise

Not sure what the deal is but it will no longer accept a disc. When the unit is off and I place the disc in the drive it beeps once and powers up but it will not take the disc. I have to use the manual screw to load in the disc and then the system will read it fine and then the eject button works fine. Any ideas?

Sounds like a problem with sensor switch…

I swapped the drive out with a known working drive and it is doing the same thing. This has me at a loss, no idea what it could be. Could it be something on the motherboard? a fuse? diode?, that would prevent the signal to kick on the motor to autofeed the disc?

Having similar issues with mine 1115 model only difference is that when the disk is in the drive it will not read it either for me I don’t know what the problem is but it seems that it’s happening a lot I’m so glad that I wasn’t the only one who has this problem maybe if I swap out the drive with one that works it will live again

Amazingly enough I was able to fix my issue and turns out it was not a software issue as I originally thought it was but I had two blown fuses in the drive controller area, fuses labeled F6201 and F6202. Mine is a PS4 Pro but I had a spare broken PS4 slim that I was able to grab the fuses from and once I fired it up and it was a sweet site when it took the disc. Hope that helps!

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