Will replacing switch motherboard work to bypass ban?

Hello i recently got hit with a permanent ban literally today for unknown reason as I have not modded my switch or anything. I got a console ban for supposed pirate content after purchasing a new membership and a game from not playing the switch in over 6 months. I tried talking to support with no help. They said I would just have to buy a new switch. I saw online about you could replace the motherboard for cheaper to circumvent the full cost of a new switch. I am asking if this would work and if so where I may find a new motherboard?

Yes. A motherboard with its married emmc content is the core of every Switch. If You exchange this parts together from one Switch to another, You factual give the core an other shell of total exchangeable parts.

Did You made dumps from Your games or lend them to a friend, who makes dumps?
I heard the rumour that every Nintendo Switch game has its own ID and if a copy is shown up online at the same time, the ID causes a permanent ban for all devices which are going online with this ID.

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My friend may have done something as I had one of his game carts but I’m not entirely sure. The day they said the ban hit me was a day I had just played a little online in a couple games and couldn’t figure it out. The support was no help saying I’m SOL basically.