With or without filter short

hello ladies and gentlemen.

So i have a problem on a filter who is short.
when i take it out, it still short.
See the picture
help give me some advise. thanks

Could it be an issue with the USB port? I would check the pins.

Credit to @Calvin

just remind that these 5 common mode choke filters have continuity from top to bottom

thanks you for your respond.
This time the filter in the middle have continuity from bottom left to right.
ANd i know it’s not normal.
i Can’t undertand why? and how to fix it :frowning:

The bottom pins just run directly to the USB port.

should i replace again the usb port?
thank you

I would probably remove it and see if the short is gone before putting a new one on.

It does look like that filter connects to the visible pins, so you could also check for any bridges.

obiwansomniac, i took out the filter, but the two pins still have a continuity. where is the bridge?. hidding somewhere

I was thinking on the pins of the USB maybe? If you cant see any I would remove the USB and test again.

obiwansomniac, you are completLy right, my usb port made the short
thank you very much