WLOD after hdmi port replacement

I replaced the hdmi port after it had separated from the metal housing. Everything looks good with a visual check but I’m still getting the WLOD. Seems to give the white light almost immediately unlike before the replacement it would blink blue for a while. The filters all tested good, but one of the diodes (see picture) was reading 0.6 one way and 0.4 the other way. I’m fairly new to this, but from what I gather that would make it a bad diode and would need to be replaced? Or can this because my a short or something else faulty?

Tried posting a picture but it won’t let me!

Put a space rather than a dot it’s a system hack mate always look for ways to hack the system

Not sure I know what you mean

Are you posting a link or a direct picture because I know some on here have to make substitutes with links due to low rank

Ah makes sense. I was trying to attach it. I’ll update with a link

I would first check for bridging on the pin. Usually the simple solution is the right one.