WLOD after hdmi port replacement

I replaced the hdmi port after it had separated from the metal housing. Everything looks good with a visual check but I’m still getting the WLOD. Seems to give the white light almost immediately unlike before the replacement it would blink blue for a while. The filters all tested good, but one of the diodes (see picture) was reading 0.6 one way and 0.4 the other way. I’m fairly new to this, but from what I gather that would make it a bad diode and would need to be replaced? Or can this because my a short or something else faulty?

Tried posting a picture but it won’t let me!

Put a space rather than a dot it’s a system hack mate always look for ways to hack the system

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Not sure I know what you mean

Are you posting a link or a direct picture because I know some on here have to make substitutes with links due to low rank

Ah makes sense. I was trying to attach it. I’ll update with a link

I would first check for bridging on the pin. Usually the simple solution is the right one.

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In my experience if it’s still wlod after hdmi replacement, change the hdmi retimer chip too.
Sometimes when the socket gets broke it kills that chip too

Ok, i’m having two similar cases by now…
Console #1: By first it did turn on, it sent a message requesting for the system, then data storage error, after a few trys replacing HDD, etc… screen went black… (now is a wlod console)…
Console #2: Yesterday i received this console with WLOD, i did open it and original hdmi port legs were unsolderd, so i just touched them up, i did plug it for testing, everything perfect, but then the console sent me overheat message and turned off…(i forgot to connect the fan)… so i did it… left it to cool down, turned it on again, and black screen…
With both i’ve tried with different cables, tv ports, etc…

You can get retimer chips on ebay for the ps4

I’ve changed retimers and one console works, the other still wlod after new retimer…

Then the other is most likely a hdmi port issue

I’ve also changed it…

Check the solder joints make sure there are no joints soldered together and also check around the chip make sure nothing helping the chip work has blown

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