WLOD and no signal

I recently bought a ps4 original off eBay for the intent of playing with my son on some games (e.g. fortnight, apex etc) one I picked had a HDMI fault… pins was broke before hand which is fair enough you could see it a mile off. I’ve sent it in for repair… they have done it (had to rewire 2 pins due to the pads)… and they have redone the ic chip… but it’s still no luck… I’ve been watching your videos after taking it apart and I’ve seen something that’s kinda concerning. On the right hand side the HDMI port (with it facing yourself and facing upwards) I’m sure there is a component missing. Could you please confirm this theory ? Aswell ad point me in the direction to get a new one without buying a second ps4 motherboard to steal the parts off

Thank you in advance
(Ps keep up the good work)

I won’t let me upload a picture . But I’ve linked it here … https:/ /ibb.co/ rfbhzQC

I don’t know if this forum is dead or something. I am going to create a new topic and we’ll see if I get at least one response. Back to your problem - the missing component is diode and it’s same as the 3 others on the left side of the HDMI port (the jumper wire is soldered to one of them). What I could find is that the diode has marking DJ on it and it should be 5.6V Zener diode Panasonic DZ2705600L. These are obsolete, not manufactured anymore. Mouser(dot)com has some in stock. It is soldered exactly as the three others (I think the cathode is to the left). It is not necessary for the PS4 to run, it serves as transient voltage protector. When it fails it starts conducting in either direction with no resistance.