WLOD not hdmi port or Hdmi ic SAC-001 board

Hi Guys maybe one of my fellow repairers has got some light to shed on my problem

Ok ps4 comes in with no hdmi signal. Port looks fine so immediately I suspect the hdmi ic.
changed that twice still no image. Ok maybe the chips are no good, So order new one, changed it. Still no picture. Changed all the hdmi filter chokes all read good continually. ok last shot then I’ll replace the hdmi port. Still no change. Test the fuse near the hdmi port ok. So I’m stumped, Funny thing is I had one like this years ago, same board sac-001 never could fix it! I know its just some little component somewhere in the hdmi circuit that probably just needs changing but which? anyone know?

Sorted this in the end replaced all diodes filters port and chip. Stubborn little ps4 these sac 001 boards, they can be a pain in the arse sometimes.

I changed my ps4 port and it has no signal I need help

I changed my ps4 port hdmi and there no signal I need help

The chip that controls the hdmi port could have gone bad. Also, make sure the new port is properly soldered on and all the pins are soldered down.