Wlod ps4 cuh-1215a

attempting to fix a WLOD issue. From what i was told this happened after a power surge so im guessing something on the motherboard was fried. I watched Steve’s video on the one he fixed that he bought from ebay. I have the motherboard out and under my microscope however the HDMI port looks PRISTINE. Like it came from the factory. I pressed against all the pins and they are solid and not moving. the IC chip looks to be in good condition. i tested all the diodes they are reading only one way and my meter is reading from 605-635 between the 3 of them.

Now the filters are where we see odd things happen. If i understand correctly on the filter chips when testing for continuity they are only suppose to beep when the probes are on the leads directly across from each other as seen in the video. however i get beeps when i test one lead to any other lead, Even on different chips. I also get beeps if i hold one probe to one of the leads on the filter chip and the other probe on the HDMI chassis and other components on the motherboard. So I am guessing the filter chips are fried and have shorted to the board? My biggest question at the moment is what exactly are these filters called and where can I buy them? Any help or input is greatly appreciated.


probably this short is caused by the IC which is shorted inside, you can remove the coils (filters) and test them out of the board, that way you will find out where the short is… but if are shorted to ground i’m pretty sure the problem is going to be in the IC…