WTF... either the dumbest idea in the world or the smartest (?)

15W laser pen for desoldering/soldering, seems to attach to your scope in what I hope is only for positioning (and not going through any of the lenses :crossed_fingers: ) can’t say I like the idea of using a laser pen anywhere near an optical microscope regardless, rather not be blinded (stencils anybody)

Looks so amazing, in love of it, besides the price :rofl:
From what i see, it doesn’t go through the lens of the microscope, but is just attached to if for positioning, which really looks smart IMO. Here another video where we can see the holder to the microscope :

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I can see how tools like this might start to become a necessity as boards become yet more dense and with underfilled ICs in such close proximity of each other, which this might help.

…but, I have no issues near blinding myself with the microscopes stock ringlight reflecting back on my paste stencils, which is prety unpleasant… can’t imagine what a 15W laser magnified 90x is going to feel like or the damage it could do :open_mouth:

Also it’s not clear how it’s monitoring temp, maybe at the LED itself or a IR therm shining on the device (?), the videos it seems to take the board from 0 to 100mph in a matter of seconds which is a bit concerning (in terms of shock) which can be seen by how quickly the flux begins boiling, a lot of boards and ICs could potentially be damaged

I’d have to use it below some UV protection or wear sunglasses while using my scope :wink: there is no way a western company would sell or manufacture a station like this surely…

Yeah, good catch there, i didn’t thought about that at first, but it is true that it may really be dangerous if not taking care about that …
Let’s see how it evolves, i guess there will be some research going on and information will start to pop up on the net. BTW, i think you are from the U if i understood well ? Hope all is good on your side with the current weather. Our CEO went black out in the middle of a call, we know he is good, but he is kind of cut from the world since then.

UK bud, though they’ve issued a risk of life warning due to the storm it’s not that bad here atm, high winds ripping down and battering my fencing and setting off car alarms has been the worst of it… Imagine it has or will be far worse in some areas of the US as it often is :frowning:

Sure, better like that. Yeah in the US colleagues of mine often state such conditions, something we don’t really have at the moment here, even if of course things are not written in stone …

Edit : i just realized that i was missing the K from UK in my previous message, what a dumb :rofl: