Xbox 360 Joystick Module repair

Hi everyone, I’ve been fixing some Xbox 360 controllers lately and I’ve noticed even with a new joystick module the stick does not snap back to the same place in the center on the tester scope when you push the stick to its edge of movement and let it go. Not very bad but too much drift to play a FPS. Depending on where in its range you release the stick, it will snap back to a different spot. This is what I was trying to fix with the new module. I know it won’t snap back to the exact same number on the scope but my other controllers are very close to exact center. Maybe I just got some counterfeit modules. Could it just be a bad module? Has anyone had experience replacing these?

A working analogstick should return approx exact to the middle of both axis.
Otherwise as you wrote you will have a drift / permanent input.

The stick is not meant to be pushed to the outer ring. If the controller is assambled together and the analogsticks have caps on them, the stick will not reach the outer ring, where it stops returning to the middle.

Hi Calvin, thanks for the reply. I’m not saying when disassembled the joystick gets stuck at the edge, they all do that without the ring from the shell limiting the movement, but I’m wondering if others had this same issue. I’ve received the wrong potentiometers before but haven’t had issues with the guts of the module, but this might be common for knock-offs.
Do you have a good source for these joystick modules?

So the issue here is how the replacement modules are being sold.
These are sold on AliExpress as “Xbox 360 OEM Replacement” but they mean a replacement for the generic controllers made in China, not a replacement for the Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Controllers. When they sell the Alps modules, which are correct for Microsoft controllers, they are just labeled “original”
The bigger issue is that XYAB and some eBay sellers are selling these generic “OEM” modules as OEM replacements for Xbox 360, because that’s how they are listed and these are always cheaper than the Alps. It’s the mechanical parts in the module that make it not snap back to center correctly and the design on the carbon trace in the pot that makes the joystick movement erratic. (The same issues apply to PS3 and PS4 joystick modules)