Xbox 360 Slim Restart after loading up a game

So my xbox 360 slim has been put up for a while. When i put it away, it worked fine other than an annoying noise coming from the power supply. Anyways now i can boot uo the console and itll sit on the dashboard jusy fine. But load into a game from a disc, barely makes it a minute into the game and restarts and when it boots baxk up, the green dot will flash and sometimes the disc tray will open by itself. And upon closing it and try to boot the game again itll give a disc read error. Open the disc tray and close it back and itll load the game just fine and then does the whole reboot process again after about a minite of loading.

My fear is the disc tray has gone out or something. I havent tested a game thay is on the hard drive and not in the disc tray.