Xbox 360 Static Snowy Screen of Death (SSSoD)

So a while back my Xbox 360 broke. It shows a static screen with a loud noise, even if the tv’s volume is off! Nobody has ever seen it before. So here is the story. August ??? 2020, one day I was on the Xbox Live 360 store checking for games and everything went fine. A week later I changed my Gamertag to YoItsDolphin, redownloaded my profile, and then I wanted to friend my brother. Idk why just doing it even though he lives with me. It kept on giving an error with the message “the server is down” or something like that. Microsoft’s servers are up. I kept on trying to send a friend request and it kept on giving the same error. I pressed B next and it played a loud noise with a static snowy screen. I have a Vizio TV and it’s from like 2013 I’ll say. It’s pretty old but not too old. So I yelled to my brother to unplug the Xbox. He did and unplugged the TV. I reported it to Microsoft and they had no idea what I was talking about. While I contacted them I wanted to play Dance Central 3 (DC3). I wanted to redeem a code from the previous game. It kept on saying the same error. I asked the person, “Are the DC3 servers up?”. She said yes. I pressed A and the same thing happened. I tried to show my dad the next day but it didn’t happen. I thought the wifi chip was the problem because it only happened when I played Xbox live games. September 19, 2020 (the day before my birthday), I fixed a disc that was scratched. I put it in the console and it surprisingly worked. My brother was playing the Wii with an emulator while I played the Xbox. I played until the game loaded. It was just stuck loading and it already been like 2 minutes. I turned it off and turned it on because I wanted to reset the console. There was a delay between the on and off-cycle because I was taking deep breathes. I turned it back on and it didn’t startup. It instantly went to the loud static snowy screen. I checked the light. It was green. Then I unplugged the console. Then I never played it ever again. Please fix it at your own risk. It’s an Xbox 360 S. -It’s Dolphin

This sounds like its just an early symptom of the rrod/rdod. Most likely an apu issue, so I wouldn’t name a whole new issue from it.