Xbox Controller joystick replacements

Hello All, I am looking for a good place to get an xbox analog joystick replacement. I have tried a few places but the joysticks that I have bought either are used/pulled from scrap or they are not fully functional and do not have smooth rotation. I am open to 3rd party replacements if they are good quality, but I would prefer an O.E.M. ALPS joystick if at all possible. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I found a replacement I will try from the mouser site. the mouser number for the part I ordered is: 688-RKJXV1224005, I will update this post with the results.

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Hi, any update on this? Did you try it out yet? Iā€™m fed up with the ones on ebay/aliexpress. There are so many quality issues.