XBOX controller PCB Traces are messed up

Hello to whomever reads this. This is more less a general question, but I feel more people would see this here. Does anyone know if there’s a legitimate way to repair the traces on a PCB? I noticed while I was soldering that some of the traces look scratched out. It looked like white scrape marks on some of the traces. If anyone knows, but if can you repair a scratched out or non-working trace on a pcb?

You would have to get really thin jumper wire like 0.5mm or smaller and scratch off the mask until you see shiney copper on each side of the damaged traces and solder the wire between the points. I’d recommend being as close to the damaged sides as possible to ensure you aren’t skipping any important connections along the way.

You’ll most likely also want some kind of 10x to 20x magnifier of some kind so you can see what you are doing better.