Xbox goes to an E101 error code

Hello, I am having the following issue. I have tried multiple clean hard drives with my 1540 xbox partitioned correctly no data on them. When I try to load osu1 to this clean hard drive it will start the process but after 1% it will give an E101 error code, any thoughts on the fix for this

@Bsilvernail I’ve got the same issue with a friends machine.
Did you find any solutions?

so the problem is the connector cable itself. the HDD cable that runs directly from the hard drive to the motherboard is the problem. I have 2 consoles that are going through the same problem, but those cords are virtually impossible to find.

I’ve replace the hard drive and all seems better. But might see if I can find a cable to keep on stand by incase.
The owner wants to upgrade to a SSD anyway