Xbox One Controller 1697 vs 1698 circuit board compatability help?

I’m trying to replace my Xbox one controller’s joystick board, which I think I’ve nailed down to be a 1697 (with a circuit board serial ending in “007”), but I can’t find a replacement board for that specific model. I have found people selling the part for the 1698, though. (With a serial ending in “004”)

I know the 1698 was the promotional model released next to my controller model, but I don’t know if the board housing the joysticks can be swapped over easily. (I’m not going to buy it if it doesn’t fit, but I won’t know if I can’t look at it close up, side by side.)

Does anyone know, for sure, if the 1697 Xbox one controller model can accept a 1698 joystick board?

Also, I lost my first board to an odd mistake i don’t know how to prevent. Part of the copper stuck to the pin of the joystick and came off, causing the X axis to stop functioning completely. As a newbie hobbyist, what did I do wrong? Did I heat it up too much? Too little? I was using a really nice desoldering gun, so i thought it would be easy, but that one pin ruined the whole thing and I don’t want it to happen again.