Xbox One Controller Joystick Snapped

Hi everyone!

My friend had a gaming rage fit recently and broke his Xbox One controller joystick. It’s snapped below the thumbstick and could be glued back on but that would not hold for long. Is there any alternative other than replacing the entire joystick component? I do not have access to a soldering iron or heating station so any cheaper alternative would be great :+1:

Can you post a picture of the break so i can get a better idea?

Ah I can’t at this moment but here is a better explanation. The pole on the joystick module (not the black thumbstick cap) has snapped off. We tried melting the plastic but that just made it worse.

two possible solutions,

You maybe able to use a joystick from something else by disassembling the joystick assembly further…though never done it on an xb pad and no idea how complex it would be or if it would match/fit

Other option would be to drill and put a screw up the pole which will give it more than enough strength… but depends if theres clearance for the screw head where it joins, else you’ll have to countersink the head.

But then thinking about it you’d probably still have to desolder to get access so maybe a no go