Xbox One Controller not recognized, possibly bricked

I was changing out the thumbstick on an original xbox one controller (the updated version with the 3.5mm headphone jack) and everything was working fine, including the new thumbstick. I went to update the controller software, since it had been sitting unused for ages and during the update, the process was interrupted. The controller was still plugged in, but the xbox showed an error saying “something went wrong”. Now the controller will not be recognized by either the xbox or a PC over USB cable. As soon as a power source is available, the xbox button will flash on and off forever without making any signs that a controller is recognized, no rumble, no USB connection sound on the PC, nada… I’ve tried everything that I could find info on, including downloading drivers that are meant for a controller in DFU mode, but the controller is not even recognized as a USB device to begin with. Could this possibly be a hardware issue? Or is it definitely software-related?