Xbox One Original doesn't turn on. Anyone know the problem for sure?

Hello to everyone who had clicked on this, I have an Xbox One original from a friend who raged and smashed it or dropped it, and then torn it apart to see what’s the inside. And then, when I was at his house, I tried to repair it and I didn’t. So, I asked my friend if he could give me that Xbox, and he did! For free! So, I tried experimenting on it, and, the thing is, is that when you trigger the Xbox to turn on by moving the ribbon cable (yes, he tore off the front panel and ripped the ribbon cable), the light turns on, the fan spins, but then, after about ten seconds you can hear a click coming from the hard drive, and after that, it feels like the power is cut off, but the light is still on. By that, I mean that the fan speed starts to fade like it doesn’t receive any more power, and the hard drive spinning speed and vibration starts to fade. That goes on for about 2-3 seconds, and then, it’s like the power is back, the fan and the hard drive spin up, and that cycle of power cutting off and going back on goes on for about a minute or 2 and then, the Xbox just turns off. That’s it. Turning it back on does the same thing all over again. And the point is, it actually booted up a few times, into an error screen. Bruh :unamused: So, on those error screens I saw errors E100 and E101, which are likely caused by a faulty hard drive. I, while had the chance, chose the option to reset the Xbox to factory settings, and then, when it restarted, it didn’t boot, so I’m not actually sure if that reset anything, but the thing is, when, after 2 days of me trying, it booted up again, and I already had a prepared USB with an OSU2 offline update file, so I went on the Xbox and selected Offline System Update. It went to the update screen, but then, after about 30 minutes it had reached only 3%, it crashed. It said “Update Failed”, so I was really upset because I don’t have either a new hard drive or a new power brick on hand and don’t want to purchase either of those things until I am sure about the problem. The conclusion is: This is most likely a hard drive issue (faulty, boot files corrupted), or it the power brick that is faulty and doesn’t supply enough power, or it’s both. I personally think that it’s a hard drive issue judging by the clicks (maybe clicks of death) and the update speeds. Please, guys, help me fix this Xbox One, cause that would be awesome. I would very much appreciate if you would really dig into this and give a straight answer. Thanks to everyone and I will be monitoring this page to see your answers :slight_smile: :blush:

Well, considering he smashed or dropped it, the xbox could very well be damaged beyond repair. Its extremely hard to diagnose fall damaged systems, and honestly you would be best off replacing the whole motherboard and disc drive pcb.

Well, I very carefully observed the motherboard and the disc drive pcb and they are in perfect condition except that the main motherboard is a little bit bent, but not on the side where the SoC is located. And, why are you even talking about the disc drive?

Like I said, it’s very hard to diagnose fall damaged consoles because they could have tons of issues that might not even be visible or even possible to see that they are there. It could be a broken trace inside the motherboard, a microscopic capacitor that broke off, even solder under one if the chips from it falling.

I was talking about the disc drive because in the event that you decide to just buy a whole new board instead of attempting to fix the fall damaged one (which could very well be irreparable), you would need to buy one with the disc drive pcb as its married to the motherboard.

What if that will not be the issue? What if I buy it and build it together and get the same problem? I just don’t want to spend money because I am saving for my PC but want to fix this Xbox and use it (most likely), maybe sell it. I just want to make sure what’s the problem, but I guess I can’t really do that… I don’t know. Just, what do you think might be the issue based on what I said in my Question?