Xbox one original power brick flash orange and no power to the xbox

One day I turn on my xbox, as it was on the xbox start up screen it just shuts off. I unplugged everything and left it for a couple of minutes, when I plugged the cord to the back of the xbox the power brick started to flash orange. Thinking I had a bad power brick I proceeded to buy a new one, plug that one in same problem. What could be the cause of this problem?

I have a power source issue would like to see or if I can ask the you fix xbox ones where do I send it and how much am I looking at for repair would like to keep my original xbox and not buy another one please help me I’m 57 years old retired disabled and all I do is stay-at-home because it’s hard for me to get out this is my 1 way of entertainment and home with my kids who live in other places.