Xbox One Original Ticking Sound (Not the fan or the HDD)

Hi everyone!

I’m new to TronicsFIX, I spend a lot of my free time fixing consoles, controllers and other tech for local independent retailer and I stumbled across this website whilst looking for a reliable source of information to help my troubleshoot a little problem I’m having with an Original Xbox One console.

The console powers and runs as intended but once I start a game (Forza Horizon 3) a ticking noise kicks in. I’ve replaced the fan and the heatsink and had the console hooked up whilst open to help locate the source of the noise but I believe it’s coming from underneath the heatsink. Might there be a component on the motherboard there that can cause this sound?

Also the sound of the noise increases when the console goes idle and the display dims.

I look forward to seeing if anyone here can shed some light on this and help me find a fix.

Kind regards,


Have you checked for swollen caps? I know it sounds weird but I have seen both caps and mosfets develop a clicking noise right before they died. If the console dies I would check the fets on the main power rail first. Good luck with this and keep your eyes open for smoke just in case lol!

Do you have a video of the noise? Its very possible it has coil whine. My og xbox one had the same issue

I would try the disk drive mine made a ticking noise as well whenever I put in a disk though. So I would check that out first.