Xbox one original will not install

Hi I’ve run out of ideas, Ive tried reinstalling the OSU1 offfline restore/update on 5 different HDD/SSD disks and it always fails at around 73% install, I used the xboxonehdd-master HDD partitioning tool script both with Linux and windows, and it just will not install, with every HDD/SSD it gets to a differnt % but generally around 70-73% it shuts off or reboots and fails. sometimes it gets in to a boot loop, once it restarts it tries to install from around 70% and up then fails, even more intersting perhaps is that i left it turned off for 3 weeks and when i started it again it went straight back in to the install screen and started installing from 73% to about 80% then restarted. with e101 error being the end result.

does anybody have any ideas how to fix this problem?

I think 70-80% is br-drive related but I’m not positive. I was watching a video by The Cod3r on YouTube where he broke down the percentages and what’s being checked for one of his viewers. Unfortunately the video itself was totally unrelated so I can’t give you a title to chase down he was talking to someone in chat during a live stream. Wish I could be more helpful with that. Good luck