Xbox one (original) won't take discs in all the way

I have an Xbox one. The disc drive takes disc’s in, but not all the way in, and drive won’t put disc in place to spin. I’ve tried many methods, but no success. I’ve looked at this disc drive more than once, and replaced the Lazer to be sure it wasn’t a bad one. No luck. Need help.

Can you upload pictures of the drive mechanism? Maybe we could see something you couldn’t…

I have a washer and dryer I’ll need to work on. As soon as I find time I’ll upload the image you need.

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Have you maybe checked the plastic rollers and the magnet in the middle of the disc drive which feeds the disk inside the Dvd drive? Sometimes the plastic rollers are just dirty or needs to be lubricated with alcohol.

You take the dvd drive apart and you will see the plastic rollers infront. If you take them out and lubricate them with alcohol,it should fix it or the drive mechanism just needs to be reset.