Xbox One Overheating and Coil Whine

I recently bought a used Xbox One and it was very cheap due to the noise it makes. When I bought it I thought it was a fan but with further inspection I found the fan to be perfectly fine and not causing any issues. I came to the conclusion that the issue was coil whine to which I couldn’t test because the coil I believe is under the heat sync. I tried to get the heat sync off but even after removing the screws underneath the chassis, I couldn’t seem to remove it. After beginning to set up the Xbox, and start to download games, the Xbox shuts itself off. When I wait about 5/10 minutes for it to boot back up, it tells me it overheated. I’m fine with the coil whine, I don’t really care about the noise, but I can’t play my Xbox if it overheats just downloading things. Anyone know what could be the issue/what I can do to fix it?

I am also using an aftermarket power supply, but I don’t think that’s causing it. Although I don’t believe it had this issue when I used my original power supply, but that was also before I took apart and put the Xbox back together.

hi there well for sure u need to remove ur heat sink and maby replace the thermal paste and besure tu check if ur power dilivary is okay