Xbox one s black screen. HDMI port no 5V on 18 19 pins

So i have no image on x box one s.HDMI and ic chip were swaped successfully but nothing changed.
I checked voltages on all hdmi pins then compared with known good board.Turns out it lacks 5V on 18 and 19 pins( wich are 5V and ‘Hot Plug Detect’ pins).To the bottom right of hdmi port there are a bunch of caps and resistors around some small chip , and the ones which have to have 5V on them ( checked on good board) dont have any voltage on them.So i assume its not HDMI chip failure nor HDMI port itself.
Any suggestions if i could just power needed pins from any other 5V source from the board , or maybe there is some components i should look further into?

eng isnt my first language , sry for poor grammar

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Have you tried a new hard drive in it? Most of the time on the S if the port is good it’s the hard drive that’s causing the problem.

Yeah i did.It doesnt affect the voltage on mentioned pins.Also if its hard drive falure, on my experience, it at least should be able to start in troubleshoot menu.

So i got tired of diagnosis and connected cap(C8B1), which was also conected to 18 5V pin on HDMI port, to closest 5V point on board(which is the cap(C8B2) right next to C8B1).
Turned console on and it worked.It started as DVI output 640x480 , but after login in I just switched it to HDMI with 1080p resolution insettings and it worked well since then.
Hope it ll help someone.

Sadly site wont let me upload images so i cant show you detailed placement of mentiones caps and connections needed .


Great! Glad you got it figured out. That was a strange one