Xbox one s controller power up issue

Hello all! Been getting myself into a couple repairs of two Xbox one s controllers, one of them had a faulty rb switch, it has been replaced and works perfectly, however I have noticed a second issue while testing, the micro USB port seems to cause issues, when the cable is plugged in, it only works at an angle, easily disconnecting if the cable is wiggled up and down, is this an issue with solder joints or am I better off replacing the port?

Second controller I have not been so successful.
The fault is that the controller does not turn on at all, it doesn’t power on using micro usb or using a known good battery power pack. This eliminates the potential issue of the micro usb in my opinion and therefore I am looking for a second fault. There is some minor corrosion on the base of the battery pack pads. What would be my best process of elimination? Be it a digital multimeter and testing while usb is it or what? Also what would be the expected results/ where could I find this useful information?
Thanks a bunch in advance! Although not best start, having so much fun.

Side note: what are some good sites for part purchasing of Xbox controllers in UK?