XBOX One S Dog Peed On It

My neighbor brought over his XBOX One S that his dog pee’d on. He brought it over about a year after it happened…It’s just been sitting in a box in his garage for the year. The XBOX will power on and run for a few minutes before turning it self off. It has shown an on screen notice that the system is overheating and turning itself off.

Anyone got a game plan for attempting to fix this??? Thanks for the help!

just open it, clean it with IPA, and replace the thermal paste…!

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I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol on a q-tip but did not replace the termal paste. Thanks, I will order some.

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that will solve your problem…

Cleaning it with IPA is the best bet. If it’s sat for a year with dog pee inside it, it probably has corrosion on the inside. It’s probable that some components need to be replaced.