XBOX one S E100 Error

So I bought this XBox one S as a no display fault.
On opening it I found it had had a previous repair attempt and I needed to replace both the hdmi and the retimer - which I did.
I tested it (without the wifi card) and it booted fine - went into 1080 and even allowed me to start a game on the drive.
When I rebuilt it with the wireless card in and booted it - it said I needed an update - which i tried to do - it downloaded fine but then got to 59% and stopped with an E100 000007003 8091008 error

I have tried swapping out the hard drive (not the bluray) and get the same error.
This is showing on most sites as a bluray drive error - is there any way of turning it into an all digital edition?

Any other ideas would be welcomed



It is possible that the HDD is bad, you can pull it out and reformat the slow method, or it is possible the HDD connector is bad. I recently fixed a HDD with a bad connector with the same issue and its working since no issues.