XBox One S Freezing and Crashing to Home Screen during Gameplay

Can someone please help me with this issue that has recently started on my XBox One S ?

About four weeks ago, I started having an issue with my XBox Freezing and then Crashing to the home screen during gameplay, it was happening after about 40-50 minutes of play when playing the likes of Fortnite and doing the same when I tried Playing Sea of Thieves also.
It seems to take longer to crash when playing the likes of Minecraft or Roblox.
Although still happens randomly.

I wondered if it was maybe overheating, but was getting no messages to suggest that was the case.

Also I think I’ve tried every kind of troubleshooting available, from resetting the resolution settings and clearing the cache right up to resetting the Console both with and without saving my games and apps, tried different cables etc. and it isn’t any better.

I have also opened it up and completely cleaned everything Inside, and replaced the thermal paste, so everything is as good as new.
All of the ports seem fine and show no sign of damage.

I thought it might have been an issue with the Hard Disk Drive, but have replaced it with a new Hybrid Drive, and am getting exactly the same issue, so I’m sure that original drive was fine.

Has anyone had this issue and actually solved it? And if so please tell me how.

Or has anyone had this issue and been able to determine if this is maybe a much bigger problem with the main GPU/CPU chip or something similar?

Thanks in Advance for your help.

Hi this happens to me also replaced hard drive and still didn’t work I don’t no the problem either I ended up buying a fat xbox one for cheap and use the one s as a 4k and bluray player if u find a way to sort this problem please tell me