Xbox One S Gears 4 Edition Randomly Loses connection with wireless controllers

I have an Xbox One S Gears 4 Special Edition console that seems to NOT want to stay connected with ANY wireless controllers. I have three currently and all three of them will lose connection out of the blue, with the xbox light on the controller staying on and solid, and the only ways to reconnect are to resync or remove and replace the batteries. I have verified that it is NOT the batteries, three different types of rechargeables and also fresh duracells out of the package of a BRAND NEW CONTROLLER that was updated and then suffered the same fate. I have also swapped out the wifi/blue tooth card of the xbox one s for good measure, to no avail.

Everything is updated. Batteries are good. Controllers are good because they can and will maintain blue tooth connection to a pc and android phone with no issues. Already confirmed xbox is up to date and the wifi/blue tooth card has already been replaced as well. What the hell am I missing here?