Xbox one S hard drive replacement problem

Hi all,

My hard drive failed in my Xbox one S and i am replacing it with a 1TB hard drive. Following Tai1976’s extremely helpful guide and using his script i was able to format and configure the 1TB drive. Doing a OSU1 offline update after installing the hard drive gets me to 58% then after the console reboots it starts loading to 60% then errors with the dreaded E100 error (E100 0000070d 80070002).

Now this is the original disk drive and daughterboard, everything worked before the hard drive failure. I have followed many tutorials online on how to fix this, ie rebooting, multiple installs of OSU1, deleting the files on System Update partition and reinstalling the OSU1 update. None have worked. I have also swapped the drive with a known good drive (using the correct daughter board) and used known good SATA and power cables, but no success.

Looking at the System Support partition and the 0.Log file this is what i have:

ODDFW update sequence: 0.
FOUND DeviceInstance AHCI\Port\0
Got PDO: \Device\00000017
Drive type detected: Monterey.
Drive is Locked!
Nvkey is Programmed!
Expected firmare version:014R
Running firmware version:014R
Already running expected firmware, skipping ODD update
Update is not neccessary.
Not Elk drive, no lock down is needed.
Got drive auth status : 2
ODDFW update finished, hr = 00000000

I have also tried this HDD in another XBONE S that is working fine. Followed the same procedure but end up with the same E100 error as above? I fell as if something is wrong with the process im following. From my limited knowledge of this and the research I’ve done, this looks like the drive is working normally and the Xbox isn’t complaining that it does not match the console. I’m not convinced the xbox drive is the culprit here. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Some hard drive brands don’t seem to work, I get E100 if I use toshiba drives.

I would suggest trying a different brand if possible.

Thank you! that was the problem. Swapped the drive with another i had lying around and voila. Thanks again.