Xbox One S Light of Death

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I am having a problem with my Xbox One S. I’ve bought it as defective, it wouldn’t power on. I found a short between +12V and GND, identificated a faulty MOSFET and replaced it. Now the short is gone but the console will shut itself down after a few seconds when I power it on. Is there the possibility that the faulty MOSFET has damaged something else and if yes, where could I find the problem?

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Try changing HDD maybe that’s the reason

I don’t think that’s the problem. With the drive removed, it behaves exactly the same.

Check to see if there is anything in line with the mosfett, a voltage regulator or a tranny maybe? There is a pcb I repair at work that if the mosfett gets taken out it kills a couple more components down the line and sometimes the damage is random. Is the new one measuring correctly?