Xbox one s not turning on from power switch

I recently bought one s from someone that worked fine. I had no issues with it. I came to find out that it did need cleaned because it was infested with roaches. I tore it down and cleaned it out (yeah, it was disgusting). I got it put back together and of course when I went to turn it on it would not from the power button. It did however have a controller paured to it and I tried to turn it on using te controller power up and it worked, yay. I played It for probably two weeks (long enough to finish final fantasy 15). After which I dint play it for a while. Well of course my son just had to take the controller that was paired to it and pair it to his Xbox. Now I can’t get mine turned on again. My question is is it just the on off board that would need replaced. Everything worked just fine once it got turned on from the controller and other than turning it on from the button there were no other issues. Haven’t tried replacing it yet I am just looking to see if there are any comments before I start throwing cash at it.