Xbox one S overheating due to fan not spinning

Xbox one S overheating due to fan not spinning, Purchased a new fan and installed new fan and still did not spin.

Used a multi meter device and tested the pins where the fan plugs into, the pin closest to the edge of board shows OL nothing happens. But with a known good board it beeps to ground. I am still new to repairing so not sure where to go from there so randomly checked chips and capacitors with no success. any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Issue resolved. Someone had removed the fan connector from the board and did not solder it back correctly. The ground pin on the back of the board was not making contact with ground so when I would use the multimeter I wouldn’t hear beep for ground. I was so tunnel visioned on everything on top of the board and testing that completely forgot to check the back of the board. I am new to repairing in general and do not know any of the terminologies for board repairing. So my apologies if anything doesn’t make sense. Thank you all that looked at the post. Have a good and blessed day.