Xbox One S shutting down when start playing any games

My Xbox will work for a few seconds or longer if I use apps or browser, it won’t turn off. but when i start playing any game it just make a click sound and turn off.

Did you try a new power cord? If suspect this one would be the power supply!

Hi guys, Im having same issue. Console works fine for web browsing etc. Played some game like Batman Arham Knight and was no problem. But when installed Fortnight it loads game let me do selection and once connect to server and about to start game it just give power down sound and goes off. No error code no info about issue after power console back etc. Simmilar problem happen with SIMS or GTA.

  1. I expected overheating. Changed paste, cleaned fan and heat sink - same issue
  2. Then I checked power cord. Tried 3 different cords and have same issue.
  3. Tried change power settings as per Microsoft advice on some forum to Disable automatic power down - issue still persist
  4. Another suspect is the power supply itself - awaiting delivery new one

It seem that console crash once require additional power due to power hungry game process. It may be as well related to GPU power supply circuit overloading.

Did anyone had similar issue ? I cannot find much online about this type of problem.
Maybe some of you have any diagram/schematic of GPU power supply circuitry ?

Best regards to all.

I’ve got one with the same problem too.

It will stay on forever if you leave it on dashboard, but if you play a game, then it will turn off (NOT shutdown) after about 10 mins.

Cleaned it, changed thermal paste etc but still no joy.

Did u try any other tricks? I worry it may be mb issue.

I think it might be a MB issue also, as it did look like there was some liquid damage there, but I thought I got it all off. I think there must be damaged/dry solder points and when the the MB heats up the joints swell, and touch each other causing a short.
That’s my theory anyway. I’ll be looking at it again on Monday so I will update on here.

SO i have placed new power supply today and same issue occurs. I have no idea re next steps…its starts game play for few minutes and the gives a sound and shut down. No error message or info after power up.
I think i need to bring a MB out and inspect it bit by bit … if i only knows what im looking for :stuck_out_tongue:

With my one, it was power regulator was damaged. Needed a new one replaced via microscopic soldering.
It never actually got done, as the client didn’t want to spend money on it

Do you mean voltage regulator on one of a dc rails? Wad it the transistor faulty? I need to get the mb out again but very busy recently with a housework:(

Hi, can you please verify what was the regulator. I found one from ON NCP4205 … is it the one you are refering to ?

I can’t verify that sorry. It was someone else that told me about it, as it’s beyond my skillset. Sorry