Xbox One S Split Second Power On/Off

Hello all,

I am trying to repair an xbox one s for a friend of mine.

The issue he stated to me was that the system no longer powered on. I opened the console up and found that the capacitor next to the fan plug was blown out so I replaced the capacitor. Now when I press the power button I get the light and chime and it sounds like the fan just starts to spin, but then immediately shuts back down.

At this point I have measure the voltage on the power supply and that looks good, but I don’t know what to look at next.

Any pointers to a newbie at board level diagnostic for what to look at next?

Thank you in advance!

Hello again,

I just finished testing the mosfets which usually seem to be the issue, but they are all testing out good.

Could this be a bad APU or is there still something easier that I can look at?