XBOX One S turns on for a minute, with no signal and then turns off

I have a XBOX One S that turns on with no signal on the HDMI display, stays on for 1 minute and 8 seconds and then turns off. The fan spins while it is on and I can see the front power button light up with the usually startup chime. What could be the reason for this ?

Update: Now the XBOX is no longer turning on, no fan spin, no startup chime. I checked the power supply and the 12 v rails are delivering 12 V stable.

Any advise would be highly appreciated

I can say that If the console wont stay on then it’s not HDMI-component based problem (port, chip, etc).

So your opinion what I need to look at, originally as I posted the Xbox would turn off after 1 minute with no output signal. Now after a couple of days power button does nothing. I checked the power supply at I am getting 12v on all rails. What should I look at next