Xbox one S update hangs at 66%

I have an Xbox one S which hangs at 66% on update

I have tried restarting in update mode, factory reset and offline update with 3 different hard drives with no success.
tried factory reset with keeping settings and also removing settings.

I am at the limit of my capabilities and knowledge and anything I can find on google…

My next step is to set up another hard drive on PC using Andrew Pauls video, or setting up a hard drive on another xbox and dropping it in, but don’t think either will be successful

Any ideas?

Late reply, but usually if it hangs on 66% (This is right at the end of the Verifying Update stage isn’t it, just after the console reboots?) it’s an issue with the console being unable to communicate with the DVD drive. The original drive and not any other must be in the console for it to complete this part. It will usually end with an E100 error code.