Xbox One Series X Halo Edition doesn’t turn on

I’m having a major issue with my Xbox one x.

Initially as a game would load up from the Home Screen and connect to the server the game would inadvertently force quit and take me back to the Home Screen.

I’m unsure if it’s connected but a day after that my console would turn off when attempting to load into games. After a few hours of trouble shooting on my end, mostly power source related, my console wouldn’t turn on at all.

A small console repair shop was able to verify it wasn’t a power supply issue but possibly something on the motherboard.

When I leave the console disconnected for a while it will turn on but slowly over time starts to turn off more frequently until I’m unable to turn it on at all.

The console is not even two years old but not covered under warranty. Microsoft wants a lot of upfront cost for repairs but I’m afraid I’ll lose my halo edition console if they send me a replacement.