Xbox One TV recognizes signal, but no image shows

I’m working on a Xbox One 1540. I’ve replaced the HDMI port, as that was clearly bad. However, now the TV recognizes that something is connected thru the HDMI port, but still no image is displayed. I’ve checked the filter and nothing there seems to be the problem. Does anyone have any idea where the issue could be?

I know it’s not an HDD issue. I replaced it with a known working HDD and i had the same issue

Have you tried to boot it on safe mode?

That partially helped. The tv recognizes it, but the image is a mess.

upload a picture of the work done with hdmi port…

have you checked continuity on EG8B1 and EG8B2? also make sure there are no bridges on port pins…

The filters have continuity and nothing is bridged, neither the filters or the HDMI port.

I’m wondering if maybe I’ve just gotten unlucky and have replaced the port with two faulty ports.

I am trying to replace my hdmi port as well. I guess this is a common problem. Both my in and out hdmi ports have the same flk number i was just going to swap them because only the TV port is not working and I dont use the other connection. I was also looking online and there are no specifics on the numbers on the port having to be the same. I have a 2015 x box one. Do I need that exact port with those same exact numbers? I see your are both different for each hdmi port. Mine is the same exact. Can I replace with any flk model. Please help thanks