Xbox one will play 360 games, but will not play xbox one games

I recently got an Xbox one that will not play Xbox one games, disc or digital. The discs will read and install. When selecting an xbox one game it will show the game loading picture for 3 secs and then the screen goes black, and back to the home screen. Does anyone know what the issue could be? I have moved games to an external hard drive, I have done full reset with keeping games and also deleting all data. I have also done the offline updater, and yet the same result. It will play any 360 game digital or disc but will not play Xbox one games.

Did you try reinstalling the os

No I have not tried that yet. Do you have any info on how to download the OS to reflash the drive? I would really appreciate any help you could give.

here is the ifixit site

Thanks Zac. I created a new drive, and still the same problem persists. Thanks for your help. Any other ideas? Could it be a GPU problem? I don’t know if the 360 and xbox one utilize the gpu the same.