Xbox One X - BGA piece NFD740, please help me to find it!

I’m looking for this piece for Xbox one X. NFD740, ESD Protection and Signal Booster for HDMI Source IC, made by STMicroelectronics. I can’t find it anywhere. Thank for the help and apologies for my bad English.

Unfortunately, that’s not available anywhere yet. I’ve also looked everywhere but unfortunately, it’s just not out there yet. I always have to take them from junk boards when I need one. I bought some junk Xbox One X boards just for these chips.

If anyone else knows where to get these please post here.

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I would advice looking at the corrosion at C15 see if that fixes your issue first because NFD740 could be fine it could be the capacitor at C15

That’s just a piece of thermal paste, not corrosion

Ok I stand corrected i’ve never seen thermal paste that colour before i’ve only seen grey unless it’s a thermal pad

Ya, it’s actually more of a viscous thermal paste…not the traditional kind that’s wetter. It’s only on the Xbox One X.

Oh ok explains why i’ve never seen it before