Xbox One X Boots ONCE after HDD format then goes to partial power

Hey all,

I’ve been wrestling with a broken X that I got for $80 locally.

I’ve been able to get the system to boot after formatting a new(good) HDD, however, whenever the console is meant to restart, it goes into what’s called partial power. The system will beep and light up, but after a few seconds, the disk drive makes a small noise and the system shuts off.

This happens if the drive is disconnected as well. There is no disk in the drive and I’m unsure if the drive is related at all.

When the HDD is plugged back into my computer, the System Support partition has about 60GB used, and Temp Content has about 20.

My thought is that however the system is populating these partitions is faulty. Is there any way to flash the inbuilt memory in the motherboard if this is where this data is coming from?

I’m going to attempt to let the console run with a new HDD for about an hour before turning it off right now and will report back with my findings soon. I’ve redownloaded the xbox one master script and OSU1 and checked md5 hashes for both before writing.

Let me know if you’ve encountered anything like this before and if you were able to fix it.

Thank you!

imgur tag: tgGmd5r

Quick update, this is the error message I get whenever I load into the HDD for the first time after installing.

I’ve noticed that fixing the GUID in the HDD script returns: “The protective MBR’s 0xEE partition is oversized! Auto-repairing.” After resetting the GUID, I will get another boot before it goes to partial power.

Interestingly, the controller will not turn on the xbox after the system shuts down and goes into partial power.

My thinking is that there is either a version conflict with osu1 and the hardware on the xbox, or that there is some sort of short or something in the shutdown routine that borks some part of the HDD.

Did you use the HDD master script to format the new drive?