Xbox One X, Console powers on for 5 seconds then immediately powers off

Alright, so I’ve been testing my hand at soldering and I finally got confident enough to attempt a repair. I picked up a Xbox one X with a no display issue. I diagnosed it down to the retimer chip. I bought a replacement chip and installed it. Now I have the issue of the xbox powering on then powering off. When I first plug it in and I press the power button there is only a chime then nothing. No indicator light or anything but after a minute or so it does the power on chime with an indicator light, then powers off after a few seconds. Please provide any feedback. I also have photos but I can’t add them to the post.


I’ve took off and then reseated the chip, checked all the solder points and I have a good connection all around. Tested the console again and still doing the same thing.