Xbox One X - Ding and light when power button pressed, turns off after a few seconds

Already tried replacing the power supply with a new one, replaced original drive with a properly formatted SSD, ordered a new fan just in case and am currently waiting on it.

Front and back USB ports have power but system cant be turned on by a plugged in controller. Disc drive accepted a disc but eject does not work even during the few seconds it is on.

After first plugging in after being unplugged for awhile fan will spin for the few seconds when turned on.

Really want to fix this and get it working because it is the Taco Bell Platinum edition.

Unfortunately it sounds like the apu on the board died, and the only way to fix that is to replace the apu which im not sure is even possible, and even if it was you would still need specialized equipment and a good amount of experience.

Your best bet would be to buy a new motherboard and blu ray drive since it’s locked to the console.

Unfortunate, I assume the replaced startup sound is tied to the board.

You could always try contacting Microsoft, even if you have opened the console they still should service it if you are in the US

I was considering it, but I’ve heard stories about people sending in limited edition systems and getting sent back the standard system instead.

I ran into this problem several times with the old fat body xbox one consoles. Most of the time I ended up having to replace the southbridge chip. I literally have a stack of dead southbridge chips in my shop from this same issue. Possibly try reflowing the chip if you’re able to. Sometimes that works but usually only if it’s from drop damage or heavy dust built up under and around it. I usually just end up replacing the chip. There are some ram related issues that can cause this as well but personally I don’t see those very often. Perhaps someone else could chime in on that one? Hope that helps

Reflowing could temporarily fix it, but I wouldn’t use heat as a method of diagnosis because of how unpredictable it is. While heating up the southbridge you could heat up another component without realizing it that cold cause it to work