Xbox One X Fan Throttles up & shuts down with over heat warning W/RDR2

I started noticing that my Xbox one x fan started sounding really loud when playing the game red dead redemption 2. I did not put too much importance to it until the Xbox shut down and gave me a message saying that it overheated and in order to protect the console it had to shut down.

I contacted Microsoft but they just kept telling me to put it in an open space or to place a fan near it since I live down south Texas the days are pretty hot. I got tired of dealing with them so decided to find a solution on my own. I watch some videos transfix and other YouTubers since I was still unsure if people were actually fixing them themselves.

I opened my Xbox clean all dust out of it and test it out but the same problem came up. Next was to replace the thermal paste with a corsair thermal paste.I did notice that when I removed the copper it had paste outside the boundary and touching the other little components terrible job from Microsoft. I tried my best to clean it up and applied the corsair paste that I bought from best buy but same issue occurred. At this point I thought I might have not applied the thermal paste correctly so I redo it. Cleaned out previous thermal paste that I have applied and carefully reapplied it but same issue happened. I could not play red dead redemption 2 since the fan started to throttle up and it would shut down again. Could anyone advise me on what to do since I don’t have the money to be able to send my Xbox to TronicsFixs to get it fix…

Please someone help me before i proceed to make holes on the Xbox One X case where the fan is so their could be a better intake of air.
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One thing I forgot to mention when I responded to you on my website…did you make sure the heat sink is clean? Be sure to double check that to make sure there isn’t anything plugging it.

yes i cleaned off all thermal paste that used to be on the chip also heat sink and just placed a small amount on the chip then placed the heat sink above so it can be spread by it self.

I actually meant the heat sink fins…make sure that there is no dirt, hair, debris clogging the heat sink fins.

have you checked the fan to spin free easily? have you checked the power supply temperature? (problably it’s adding heat to the system)… at this point i think you should try with an external fan… how much time does it take to turn off? you should upload a few pictures…

I’ve got an Xbox One X with a similar issue. Shuts down within a minute of play in Modern Warfare. Overheating / ventilation warning on reboot. I’ve replaced the thermal compound (MX-4) and thoroughly cleaned out but still same. Even replaced the green viscous thermal paste with Thermal Grizzly Pads - still same.

Any ideas?

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did you clean the heat sink ? check the fan to work properly…

Yes and yes. I’ve done the repair many times before, never had any issues


Good thing I am not the only one… I have given up now and will be sending it in to tronicsfix and hope they can fix it.

I am also now having this problem. I changed the thermal paste 3 times thinking it was human error since it was my first time. I sprayed compressed air all over in the fins and in the fan and air vents. I even factory reset the xbox, changed the power cable. This is so frustrating especially with everything shut down due to the pandemic.

Created an account just to reply because I think I found a fix.
My Xbox actually shut down without warning it got so hot. I tried new thermal paste on the CPU to no avail. Then, I also applied thermal paste to all the memory chips. Works like a charm now!

So you replaced the pads completely with paste instead?