Xbox One X Gears of War GPU/APU Studdering issues

Hi i have a Xbox One X and it Took a Frame Hit in Forza Horsion 4. i was driving my 2018 Mclarren 720s and doing a race i noticed the Console was having a Hard Time to Keep up then after a couple of Seconts it Goes back to normal. also i do not know what is the issue the “Compane” witch i sent it to said it was a Encoder issue and that’s Totally Incorrect. its a GPU/APU issue bec the One X uses Custom AMD stuff. and i will not Pay $249.00 to ship it to Microsoft

heres what i said to the Place where i sent it to

it studders one and a Blue Moon. GTA 5 Stops installing idk if its a Issue when you guys Had it or when UPS Damaged it.

 if i even sent it to Microsoft i will not Pay $249.00 to fix it by them its Out of Warranty. so idk why it wold be a Issue. ```