Xbox one X hdd from One S?

Hi. I have e101 error on X. I m insider. I replace hdd on X. Becouse I am insider the osu1 available is older than firmware on console. I can’t put new software. I have another one S with the same version. Can I put the one S hdd on one X? Thanks

Yes. Any hdd under 2tb or lower will work

the xbox one x is without OS…when i put the hdd from the One S.
Xbox one X will run without problems???

When I swapped the hdd in my xbox one all it did was format the drive, and after that it downloaded the os and then worked. If it doesn’t work for you then you might have to put the update on a USB and install it from that

Ok. It s not working… I receive error e101 and e106. Thx

Try using the troubleshooter, or try updating offline

i have done “everything”